Williamson-scripted “The Sockfather” (Sock Puppet Godfather) now on Vimeo!

A 52-minute parody of The Godfather done entirely with sock puppets? You bet, Fredo, and I wrote it too! And you can see the whole thing by clicking the links below!

The Sockfather was presented by the zanies at Creative Works of Lancaster, an arts organization I currently chair. I wrote the script, except for the brilliant final song by Erich Goldstein, and play the Don as well as a number of other roles. Other puppeteers were Lydia Brubaker, Erich Goldstein, and Joanna Underhill, with Joel Lesher on sound effects. We did three performances on a Sunday afternoon and evening in the Lancaster Dispensing Company, a bar in Lancaster PA, and packed the place each time. So join us! Here’s the trailer, and here’s the performance itself, compliments of filmmaker Jeff Lynch! The better you know the films, the more you’ll enjoy it, but newcomers should like it too!

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