Playing the Reverend Mac in Joe Lansdale’s “Christmas With the Dead!”

Yoohoo! Zombie lovers! You might want to keep your eye out for a film next year based on Joe R. Lansdale’s story, “Christmas With the Dead.” It’s a zombie movie, with a screenplay by Joe’s son Keith, and starring Damian Maffei, Brad Maule, Kasey Lansdale, and lil’ ole me as the eeeeevil Reverend Mac, an escapee from a state mental hospital for the criminally insane who has his equally insane minions (hot damn, I have minions!) sacrifice non-believers to the zombies in an unholy communion.

In late June, I shot for a week on location in Nacogdoches, Texas under the terrific direction of Terrill Lee Lankford, and it was a hoot and a half! I still have a sore throat from screaming when I get et by the zombies, but the footage should be worth the pain! Here’s a out of focus shot of me and Mike Blankenship, one of the zombies who¬† gets a big chaw outta me. Watch this site for more news of the film and check out the official website here.

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