Moorcock’s Fabulous Harbours now out as audiobook…

I’m happy to announce that my unabridged recording of Michael Moorcock’s remarkable collection of stories, Fabulous Harbours, was released today as a Crossroad Press/SpringBook Audio audiobook

Though the second volume in Moorcock’s Second Ether trilogy, the collection stands alone beautifully, and provides a wonderful introduction to the characters who play many different roles in Moorcock’s extraordinary multiverse. The stories in this volume areĀ all very different in style, from West Coast noir to a Holmesian pastiche to the high fantasy of Elric of Melnibone and his runesword Stormbringer, so recording it kept me hopping.

It’s currently on pre-sale at $12.99 for seven hours and forty minutes of downloadable MP3 goodness. Find out more here…

2 thoughts on “Moorcock’s Fabulous Harbours now out as audiobook…”

  1. Chet, I would very much like to listen to your Michael Moorcock Second Ether readings someday. Is it ever likely they will be available again?

  2. I’m afraid not, Paul. I’m really not sure why they were withdrawn, but they were certainly the oddest and most difficult work I’ve ever done. And I really wasn’t satisfied with them, either. Those are books that really demand being read as opposed to being listened to.

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