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A bibliography of my work…

Defenders of the Faith

Crossroad Press trade paperback edition

Defenders of the Faith is my first novel that was an ebook original from Crossroad Press, though the trade paperback followed shortly thereafter. It’s a horror novel crossed with a suspense thriller, and there’s no supernatural element.

The book is an exploration into what happens when one’s religious faith comes up against one’s reason. It’s told from the point of view of a basically good man who crosses the threshold of violence, and discovers that he has inspired a young and even more crazed disciple.

Fearnet said: “This isn’t a simple tale.  It is full of contradictions, in the way that life is full of contradictions.  There is no distinct line between good and bad and right and wrong.  As a study of a truly tragic character, Defenders of the Faith is one of modern horror’s best examples.”

Horror Drive-In added: “Chet Williamson is a complicated writer and Defenders of the Faith is a complicated novel. I’m not saying that it’s stodgy or overly intellectual. This is a lightning-paced thriller. It’s just that Chet doesn’t present right and wrong in clearly defined terms. You won’t find the good guys wearing white hats and the bad guys with black ones on their heads…Defenders of the Faith is a book for the ages.”

Tales from the Crossroad w/2 of my rarest stories: $.99!

Crossroad Press has released a new ebook, Tales from the Crossroad Vol. 1, with two of my scarcest stories, as well as two each by Al Sarrantonio, Steve Rasnic Tem, Tom Piccirilli, and Gerald Houarner. What I’m most excited about is the reprinting of my novelette, “Jeaves and the Deteriorating Relations,” in which P. G. Wodehouse’s characters meet Joe Lansdale’s God of the Razor, and bloody hilarity ensues. I read aloud a briefer version of this at last year’s Horrorfind convention, and it was a big hit. It first appeared in the $100 Lansdale-edited Lords of the Razor, long out of print with copies now going between $300 and $600, so I’m delighted to have this inexpensive reprint appear! My other story is “And So Will I Remember You,” a very quiet ghost story from an Ash-Tree Press anthology, which might be new to most readers. There are novel excerpts from each of the five authors as well — that’s a total of ten stories and five novel excerpts. A lot of good reading for less than a buck!

The book is available for $.99 (a few sips of a latte!) at Amazon, and also at Barnes and Noble and many other fine ebook retailers on your favorite neighborhood Interwebz…