Digital Doings: Soulstorm, Ash Wednesday, Lowland Rider & more…

In the past couple of months, I’ve turned into Digital Guy! I started off by recording several stories by Andrew Vachss as digital downloads for MPformance, then hooked up with David Niall Wilson’s Crossroad Press.

David has done three of my novels in e-book form: Ash Wednesday (the first time the complete version has ever appeared, with the final chapter that was deleted from the Tor edition), Lowland Rider, and Soulstorm. The first two of these are also available in Amazon’s Kindle Store (Soulstorm will be soon), and all are available from most other e-book dealers as well. I’ve also recorded unabridged audiobooks (as downloadable MP3s) of both Ash Wednesday and Lowland Rider, and I’ve just started to record Soulstorm, which should be finished in a few weeks. The e-book is included free with the audiobook. I’ll be doing as many of my backlist books with Crossroad Press as possible, and possibly some new material as well.

I’m also recording Michael Moorcock’s Second Ether trilogy for Crossroad Press. I’ve finished Blood: A Southern Fantasy, and will be starting Fabulous Harbors soon. Blood was incredibly challenging, a quirky, dense, rich novel with a remarkable assortment of characters. I just hope I’ve done it justice.

I’m also a narrator for the new company, Perfect Voices, which gives writers an economical opportunity to turn their work into audiobooks.

Yes, it’s a brave new world of digital, uh, stuff out there, and it’s keeping me holed up in a tiny room in my basement with my Bluebird mic, my Tascam 8-track mixer, and my trusty punch-in foot pedal when I screw up or when a really loud motorcycle passes by outside and wrecks my take (hate them thar motorcycles…). So make it all worthwhile and give me an e-read or a listen — and don’t forget to tell me what you think!

2 thoughts on “Digital Doings: Soulstorm, Ash Wednesday, Lowland Rider & more…”

  1. Yes indeed, a Brave New World, and I feel rather blessed that Chet and I hooked up, as he has a truly unique combination of talent, as author and narrator. Advantage – Williamson.

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