SOULSTORM now an audiobook!

That’s right, kids — this is the one you’ve been waiting for: Soulstorm, my first novel and a classic haunted house gory story, read by old Uncle Creepy himself, me, in a new audiobook from Crossroad Press & Springbook Audio! Over 9 1/2 hours of chills and thrills as five people get locked in The Pines for a month, to help a dying millionaire find proof of eternal life. Sound familiar? Let me assure you, it’s anything but. This haunted house is slightly different, and far worse than any you can imagine, since it’s built over a natural psychic lodestone that draws dead souls who are the most…well, let’s not give too much away. Why not invest your $12.99 and load up your MP3 -playin’ gadget with 9 1/2 hours of unbridled terror? Get it right here right now!¬†Also soon on…

One thought on “SOULSTORM now an audiobook!”

  1. Chet…just wanted to say I am very picky about my “haunted house” stories/books….very few “stay” with me. Soulstorm is one of the ones I can’t put down when I pick it up. …and I have read it many times.

    It’s a masterpiece, plain and simple.

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