New novel, DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH, now available…

I haven’t had a full-length novel out for a number of years, but the drought is now over with the publication of Defenders of the Faith, now available from Crossroad Press as an e-book for all e-readers, or from Amazon’s Kindle Store for an instant download onto your Kindle. It’ll soon be available as a trade paperback and an audiobook. So what’s the book about?…

To quote from the virtual jacket copy:

“When Paul Blair’s wife is killed by a young drunk driver, he decides to dedicate his life to keeping the youth of his church from bad influences. And if that means bringing down the wolves who tempt them, so be it. When Paul finds that one of his own “flock” has adopted and escalated his own murderous strategies, he joins forces with the boy in a bloody crusade of vengeance upon the unholy. But can he control this mindless, violent force he has unleashed, not only upon the guilty, but the innocent as well?”

It’s a flat-out thriller, with many moments of horror, which was inspired by hearing a ceremony of baptism and wondering what might happen if someone were to take literally the congregational vows to protect children as they grew older — with no limitations on the methods involved. If you’ve read my previous books (and why would you be here if you haven’t?), I’m sure that you’ll find this one intriguing, thought-provoking, and a damned good read.

Available from Crossroad Press or Amazon for $4.99, the cost of a typical Grande Crappamochachino. Enjoy, and please tell me what you think of it!

2 thoughts on “New novel, DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH, now available…”

  1. Trade paper copies of DEFENDERS are due out soon — not sure when. If they’re available, I’ll definitely have them there!

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