A portrait of my ebook/audiobook/and one bookbook publisher…

Writer David Niall Wilson has branched out these past few years into publishing, as the man behind Crossroad Press, which publishes the vast majority of my ebooks. They also do my audiobooks, both those I’ve written and those I’ve narrated, as well as the trade paperback of my most recent novel,  Defenders of the Faith. He’s a helluva fine publisher and a good friend. Ladies and gents, I give you David Niall Wilson…

David Niall Wilson

2 thoughts on “A portrait of my ebook/audiobook/and one bookbook publisher…”

  1. I wanted to thank David for publishing your back catalog, he and his Crossroad Press have been a godsend. Not only has he given me the opportunity to reread your classic novel Ash Wednesday, he’s turned me on to so many of your other books.

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