I narrate Irving Wallace’s THE SEVENTH SECRET (Is Hitler alive? mmmmaybe…)

Irving Wallace was one of the bestselling authors of his day, and The Seventh Secret has all the elements that made his work so popular. Set in the mid-80s, it starts with the idea that Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t die in 1945, but survived the end of the war, and are still alive in Berlin… It’s a thriller extraordinaire, filled with romance, violence, and adventure, and rich with authenticity. I had a ball narrating this nearly twelve-hour unabridged audiobook (keeping all the dialects straight was work!), and you should enjoy it too! Give it a try from Audible.com. Their prices on downloadable audiobooks are terrific, especially if you become a member, and it’s a great way to read a book with your ears! In your car, while you exercise, wherever…

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