Mordenheim (TSR, 1994)

Through editor Brian Thomsen, I was commissioned to do two work-for-hire novels set in the TSR gaming worlds. The first of these was Mordenheim, TSR’s avatar of Frankenstein. I got to create my own plot, set in what was actually a mildly disguised universe of 1930s-40s Universal horror movies, and had a blast doing it. While certainly not the most serious thing I’ve ever written, I took it seriously and did the best job I could while playing in someone else’s world and by their rules.

I’ve always loved the classic horror monsters, and getting to write my own version using these archetypes was like getting a paid vacation…

2 thoughts on “Mordenheim”

  1. Hello Chet,

    By any chance how possible would it be to get Mordenheim to the Kindle?

    It would be great to read one my favorite books on the Kindle. There are only 4 Ravenloft novels available for the Kindle :(

    Kind Regards
    Felipe Amigo

  2. I’d love to see it on the Kindle, Felipe. Unfortunately I’m not the holder of the rights to that particular book. You might want to let TSR know that you’d like to see it on the Kindle — I know I would! Thanks!

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