MPformance — a new way to hear stories…

I put a teaser on earlier, before my website was even up, about a new site for which I was reading some short stories. Well, it’s up now, and it’s called MPformance.  Click on the word and go there now.

The site will fill you in on what it’s all about, but the skinny is that there are currently three stories by Andrew Vachss which are downloadable as MP3 files, and I performed one of them, “Cain.” I’ve also recorded three other stories that will be up in weeks to come.

Also currently on the site are “Step on a Crack,” performed by Ean Sheehy, and “Sure Thing,” performed by Maggie Estep.

This is a class act, with Lou Bank running the site, and sound engineering (including music, sound effects, and ambient sound) by Live Body Productions. The individual tracks are $.99 each, about the size of the cheapest cheesy iPhone app or an MP3 single, and the MP3 files can be put on any device that uses MP3s (duh). I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the product or the quality. The MPformance folks have asked me to perform some of my own stories as well, so I’ll be doing some in the months ahead. And a big shout-out to my bud Timothy Truman for the use of his studio!

Check out MPformance — you won’t be sorry…

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