Welcome to my book page…

…Here you’ll find the various books I’ve written over the years, with my comments and anecdotes about them.

Some are actually still in print.

If you’d like to leave any notes or comments yourself, please feel free to do so. Those that convey the message, “I hate your work. Die, die,” will probably be deleted, unless you hate my work and/or wish me to die die in a particularly colorful or amusing way.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my book page…”

  1. Wow! What a terrific website and well worth the wait.
    I enjoy reading the background about the stories durn near as much as the stories themselves.
    Reminds of one of your really chilling yarns in Razored Saddles called “Yore Skin’s Jes’s Soft ‘N Purty…He Said” with the line I have never been able to forget. “Ve can make you a vooman…”
    Thanks (I think) for all the nightmares over the years!

  2. Thanks, Barry! Glad you like the site — tell your friends so we’re not so lonely here… 😉

  3. Holy Mackrel! Only 500 copies of McKain’s Dilemma sold. No wonder I had such a tough time finding a copy when it came out.

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