Me-scripted “Sock Puppet Psycho” playing on Halloween only!

Something stranger than usual is going on in Lancaster PA on Halloween Day —  three performances of “Sock Puppet Psycho,” a half-hour parody of Hitchcock’s Psycho performed by sock puppets and scripted by me!…

I’m currently the Chair of a new non-profit performing arts group, Creative Works of Lancaster, and this is one of our first events. It has a cast of nine socks, and I’ll be playing Alfred Stitchsock, Arbogast, the Sheriff, and the psychiatrist, who will explain that whole boring wrap-up about Norman Bates and his mother…in song!

A cast of five voices and puppeteers will be behind the stage at one end of the bar, which is the Lancaster Dispensing Company in downtown Lancaster. There will be three performances: 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 to ensure that the massive crowds will be assuaged. If you live in the Central Pennsylvania area, try and make it. It’s going to be very very silly and a helluva lot of fun! See the trailer here! And did I mention it’s free? Donations will be happily accepted.

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