“Sock Puppet Psycho” performance now on-line!!!

Yes, it’s true! The actual live performance of “Sock Puppet Psycho,” a half-hour parody of Hitchcock’s Psycho performed by sock puppets (and for which I wrote the script), is now available for your viewing pleasure here at Vimeo!

This is a video by Jeff Lynch of the 6:00 performance, the second of the three performances presented by Creative Works of Lancaster, a new non-profit, at the Lancaster Dispensing Company (Dipco) in Lancaster PA this past Halloween Day. I play Alfred Stitchsock, the Sheriff, Arbogast, and the psychiatrist, and the other voices were performed by Lydia Brubaker (Lila & Marion, director & set designer), Joanna Underhill (Mother, puppet maker), Joel Lesher (Sam, sound effects), and Erich Goldstein (Cop & Norman).

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think of it!

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