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Raymond Benson’s TORMENT — Voodoo! Thrills! My voice!

Raymond Benson is one of our great thriller writers, who, along with his own fine novels, has written a number of James Bond novels, continuing Ian Fleming’s character into the present day. Torment is a horror novel with all the best elements of thriller and love story as well, and I was pleased to narrate the unabridged audiobook… Continue reading Raymond Benson’s TORMENT — Voodoo! Thrills! My voice!

I narrate Irving Wallace’s THE SEVENTH SECRET (Is Hitler alive? mmmmaybe…)

Irving Wallace was one of the bestselling authors of his day, and The Seventh Secret has all the elements that made his work so popular. Set in the mid-80s, it starts with the idea that Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t die in 1945, but survived the end of the war, and are still alive in Berlin… Continue reading I narrate Irving Wallace’s THE SEVENTH SECRET (Is Hitler alive? mmmmaybe…)

My narration of Bill Pronzini’s hilarious GUN IN CHEEK!

One of the funniest books I ever read was Gun in Cheek by Bill Pronzini, an examination of really bad mystery fiction from the early part of the twentieth century. Filled with lengthy quotations from the works of “alternative genius” themselves, it was a yuckfest for readers and writers alike. So when I was asked if I wanted to narrate an unabridged audiobook of the title… Continue reading My narration of Bill Pronzini’s hilarious GUN IN CHEEK!

Playing the Reverend Mac in Joe Lansdale’s “Christmas With the Dead!”

Yoohoo! Zombie lovers! You might want to keep your eye out for a film next year based on Joe R. Lansdale’s story, “Christmas With the Dead.” It’s a zombie movie, with a screenplay by Joe’s son Keith, and starring Damian Maffei, Brad Maule, Kasey Lansdale, and lil’ ole me as the eeeeevil Reverend Mac, an escapee from a state mental hospital for the criminally insane who has his equally insane minions (hot damn, I have minions!) sacrifice non-believers to the zombies in an unholy communion.

In late June, I shot for a week on location in Nacogdoches, Texas under the terrific direction of Terrill Lee Lankford, and it was a hoot and a half! I still have a sore throat from screaming when I get et by the zombies, but the footage should be worth the pain! Here’s a out of focus shot of me and Mike Blankenship, one of the zombies who  gets a big chaw outta me. Watch this site for more news of the film and check out the official website here.

Williamson-scripted “The Sockfather” (Sock Puppet Godfather) now on Vimeo!

A 52-minute parody of The Godfather done entirely with sock puppets? You bet, Fredo, and I wrote it too! And you can see the whole thing by clicking the links below!

The Sockfather was presented by the zanies at Creative Works of Lancaster, an arts organization I currently chair. I wrote the script, except for the brilliant final song by Erich Goldstein, and play the Don as well as a number of other roles. Other puppeteers were Lydia Brubaker, Erich Goldstein, and Joanna Underhill, with Joel Lesher on sound effects. We did three performances on a Sunday afternoon and evening in the Lancaster Dispensing Company, a bar in Lancaster PA, and packed the place each time. So join us! Here’s the trailer, and here’s the performance itself, compliments of filmmaker Jeff Lynch! The better you know the films, the more you’ll enjoy it, but newcomers should like it too!

My narration of David Niall Wilson’s ON THE THIRD DAY released…

Crossroad Press has released my narration of David Niall Wilson’s eerie novel about the Catholic Church, On the Third Day. This is the kind of book that gives you the shivers, but also gets under your skin and makes you think. On the Third Day is about Father Darren Prescott, a seeker of truth. He works for The Vatican, but his real work is within his own mind and heart; Father Prescott hunts miracles. Father Thomas is a young priest with a quiet congregation that worships at San Marcos by the Sea, a small cathedral outside San Valencez, California. One Easter Father Thomas’ Mass is interrupted by something he cannot explain – something powerful that shakes his world, and that of his congregation.

Father Thomas experiences the Stigmata.

If you liked The Exorcist, you’re bound to enjoy On the Third Day. The unabridged narration is available from Crossroad Press for $12.99, and can also be found at Amazon,, and other fine purveyors of audiobooks…